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  1. 2014.03.13 [SLE Start] Lesson 6. You've Got a Point There.
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You've got a point there.

 ▶ Language Point

< Expressing your opinion >

-- I think ...

I think the Giants will win the World Series because they have the best pitchers.

-- I believe ...

I believe he will make a good husband because he is very thoughtful.

-- I feel ...

I feel that our company will be more profitable now that we have a new CEO.

< Expressing an opinion you are not sure about >

-- It seems to me that ...

It seems to me that the accident was his fault. He shouldn't have been driving so fast.

-- I'd say ...

I'd say that as far as presidents go, he's not a very good one.

< Expressing an opinion you feel strongly about >

-- I really think that ... / I honestly feel that ... / I strongly believe that ...

I honestly think that you shouldn't have told her about our plan!

-- I'm (quite) sure / (quite) certain / positive that ...

I'm sure Ryan isn't the kind of guy we want to hire.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Terrance. Did you read in the paper today that the government is increasing the price of cigarettes by 25%?


 Oh, yeah? Well, I think that's a good thing.


 What? Are you joking? The price of cigarettes is already too high. And now they want to raise it more? How can that be a goo thing?


 Well, it will probably help reduce the amount of lung cancer.


 That may be, but it's my choice if I want to smoke or not. So, if I get lung cancer, it's my own fault. Besides, you smoke. Doesn't it make you angry now that you have to pay more?


 No, not really. I plan on quitting and it seems to me that now's as good a time as any.


 Well, did you also hear that the government is going to increase the tax on beer by 25%?


 Now, that's something to get angry about! We'd better stop by the beer store and stock up before the price goes up!

▶ Act 1 : Which is better?

< Example >

A : Which is better, having only one kid or having four kids?

B : I think having one kid is better because raising children costs a lot of money.

A : Yes, but I think having four kids is much better because they won't be lonely. They will always have someone to play with.

▶ Vocabulary

thoughtful : thinks about others

profitable : able to make good money

as far as ____ go : regarding ___

ex) as far as presidents go = regarding presidents

to hire : to employee, to give a job to someone

disgusting : 역겨운

to stop by : visit

to stock up : buy a lot

 to raise






 Wow! Your daughter is growing up so fast! (O)
 Wow! You have grown your daughter well. (X)
-> You have raised your daughter well. (O)

▶ Expression

I think Korea will do well in the next World Cup.

I'd say, as far as coffee goes, this one is disgusting.

I really think that people should not blow their nose at the food table.

I think having a dog is better because they are friendly / loyal.

Yes, but I think having a cat is better because they are clean and they can use a toilet.

It is funner to cheer with a crowd.

We can travel in Korea anytime, but we can't go abroad anytime.

If you had an opportunity to go abroad, where would you go?

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