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  1. 2014.04.10 [I Can Speak 2] Lesson 7. Who do you take after?
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Who do you take after?

▶ Dialogue


 Is this a picture of your family?


 Yes, it is. I took the picture last year.


 I see. You really look like your mom, don't you?


 Yes. I have my mom's eyes and nose.


 And, I think you and your younger sister look alike too.


 Yes, we do. We all take after my mother and we have a lot in common as well.


 I'm sure you do. Who does your older brother resemble more, your father or your mother? I can't really tell from the picture.


 He resembles my father more.


 Oh, that's right.


 Who do you take after, Sam?


 I take after my father. I'll show you a family picture tomorrow.

▶ Language Focus

Resemblance 1

 Who do you take after?

 Who does he look like?

 Who do you resemble more, your father or your mother?

 I take after my father.

 He looks like his mom.

 I resemble my father more.

 Resemblance 2

 I have my mom's eyes.

 My sister and I look alike.

 He gets his writing skills from his mother.

 They both have a talent from music.

 My younger brother and I have a lot / nothing in common.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Who does Brian take after?

B : I think he takes after his father. He has his father's eyes.

A : Yes, I agree.

< Example 2 >

A : Are Tony and Laura related?

B : Yes. They're siblings.

A : Really? Do they have anything in common?

B : They both have a talent for numbers.

< Example 3 >

A : Is there any resemblance between Eric and his mother?

B : He has his mother's eyes and nose. / He gets his eyes and nose from his mother.

< Example 4 >

A : How many people are there in your family?

B : There are four people in my family: my father, my mother, my younger sister, and me.

A : Who do you take after?

B : I take after my father. I have my father's eyes and nose.

A : Is there any resemblance between you and your mother?

B : Well, I think I get my writing skills from my mother.

< Example 5 >

A : Does Lauren have her father's nose?

B : No, she doesn't. She has her father's dark brown eyes.

... (continue)

▶ Vocabulary

< Face >

whisker : 구렛나루 (sideburn)

dimple : 보조개

wrinkle : 주름

smile eye : 눈웃음

pimple : 뾰로지 (trouble)

philtrum : 인중

part : 가르마

double eyelid : 쌍꺼풀

mono eyelid : 홑꺼풀 (almond)

inner double eyelid : 속쌍꺼풀

forehead : 이마

between eyes : 미간

eyelash : 속눈썹

eyebrow : 눈썹

mustache : 콧수염

beard : 턱수염

bridge of nose : 콧대

earlobe : 귓볼

cheek : 볼

cheekbone : 광대뼈

nostril : 콧구멍

jaw : 뒷턱

chin : 앞턱

< Body >

thumb : 엄지

index finger : 검지 (first finger)

middle finger : 중지

ring finger : 약지

little finger : 새끼 손가락 (pinky)

palm : 손바닥, 야자

wrist : 손목

elbow : 팔꿈치

armpit : 겨드랑이

collarbone : 쇄골뼈

waist : 허리

pelvis : 골반

belly : 배

belly (button) : 배꼽

thigh : 허벅지

knee : 무릎

calf : 종아리 (송아지)

ankle : 발목

heel : 발꿈치

collar : 깃

take after : (내/외적) 닮다

resemble : (외적) 닮다

have (a lot / nothing) in common : 공통점이 (많이 / 전혀) 있다.

face shape : 얼굴형

siblings : 형제자매

older brother = elder brother

punctual : 시간을 잘 지키는

herbal doctor : 한의사

acupuncture : 침술

in 20s : 20대

oval : 타원

skinny : (안좋은 느낌으로) 비쩍마른 

▶ Expression

two thumbs up! : 정말 최고에요!

I take after both.

I'm a big fan of 사람/사물.

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