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  1. 2014.02.28 [I Can Speak 2] Lesson 10. What does it look like?
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What does it look like?

▶ Dialogue


 Hey William, did you see my MP3 player anywhere?


 Your MP3 player? The red one?


 No, I bought a new one yesterday. The red one is pretty old.


 What does your new MP3 player look like?


 It's rectangular and pink.


 Hmm... I saw something pink on the dining table last night.


 Really? I'll check right away. [pause]


 Did you find it? Is it there?


 No, that's not my MP3 player.That's my cell phone.


 Don't worry. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere.

▶ Language Focus

Describing Things 

 What does it look like?

 It's small, square, and flat.

 What shape is it?

 It's round / square / rectangular / triangular / oval / flat / box-shaped.

 What color is it?

 It's silver / light green / gold / purple / gray / yellow.

 What is it made of?

 It's made of wood / plastic / cotton / wool / steel / silver / gold / leather / glass / paper / rubber / metal / clay.

 What do you use it for?

 You use it for making food. / You use it to make food.

 What is it used for?

 It's used for making food. / It's used to make food.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : What shape is the briefcase?

B : It's rectangular.

A : What color is it?

B : It's brown.

A : What is it made of?

B : It's made of leather.

< Example 2 >

A : What is this item called?

B : It's called a washing machine.

A : What is it used for?

B : It's used to wash clothes. / It's used for washing clothes.

< Example 3 >

A : Here is my first question. Is the item square?

B : No, it isn't.

A : Then, is it rectangular?

B : No, it isn't.

A : Is it circular?

B : Yes, it is.

A : Is it made of glass?

B : No, it isn't.

A : Is it made of steel?

B : No, it isn't. You have only one question left!

A : OK. Is it made of plastic?

B : Yes, it is made of plastic.

A : Um... I think it's a button.

B : Yes, It it. You win! / No, it isn't. You lose!

< Example 4 >

A : What does the alarm clock look like?

B : It's round and red. It has numbers on it.

A : What is it used for?

B : It's used for telling the time.

▶ Vocabulary

turn up : (사물) 발견하다, 나타나다

show up : (사람 / 사물) 나타나다

texture : 질감

rough : 거친 (tough)

bumpy :울퉁불퉁한

soft : 부드러운 (downy)

cozy : 푹신한

China : 중국

china : 도자기

envelope : 봉투

shawl : 숄, 어깨걸이

squid : 오징어

squirrel : 다람쥐

pentagon : 5각형

cylinder : 원기둥 모양의

oval : 타원

water purifier : 정수기

purify : 정화하다, 깨끗히 하다

mop : 대걸레

cloth : 걸레부분

pointy : 끝이 뾰족한

light bulb : 전구

catfish : 메기

octopus : 문어

small octopus : 낙지

stay in shape : 몸매를 유지하다


▶ Expression

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