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The Latest and Greatest

▶ Language Point

< Adjectives with only one syllable, add "the _____~est" >

The Sears Tower is the tallest building in America.

Peter is the cutest guy in out class.

My sister has the oldest mobile phone in our family.

< Adjective with two or more syllables, use "the most / the least _____" >

These are the most expensive shoes I own.

North Dakota is the least populated state in America.

Tom Hanks is one of the most talented actors today.

< Irregular adjectives : the best / the worst >

January is the worst time to visit Moscow.

Google is the best site to use to search for information.

< Countable / non-countable - the least / the fewest / the most >

Claire has the most free time.

Farmer Brown has the most cows.

Las Vegas has the least rain of all the major cities in America.

Margaret has the fewest absences in our class.

▶ Dialogue


 So, tell me some more about yourself? How many brothers and sisters do you have?


 I have five brothers and three sisters.


 Wow, that sure is a big family. Are you the eldest?


 No, my brother Sam is. He is a lawyer at the biggest law firm in town.


 So, are you the most beautiful sister?


 No. Everyone says Sara is the most beautiful. She came in second in the Miss California beauty pageant last year. Everyone just thinks I'm the cutest.


 You said you were getting your master's in Economics at UCLA, so you must be the smartest, right?


 Actually, the smartest would be my brother, Stan. He just got his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from USC.


 So, how often do you see everyone? It must be hard to get everyone together.


 We usually have dinner at my parent's house once a month; everyone except my brother, Steve. He's in Africa studying zebra migration for his master's thesis. He was always the most adventurous.


 So, who's the youngest?


 My brother, Scott, is the youngest. He's a senior in high school.


 So, does he want to go to UCLA like his older sister?


 No, actually he's the most athletic one in our family. He just signed a contract with a minor league team. Someday, he hopes to play shortstop for the Dodgers.


 Wow, you sure have an interesting family. I'd sure like to meet them.


 Well, we are all having dinner together next Saturday. My mom makes the best Italian food.


 Sounds good. I'll bring a bottle of wine and put on my best suit.


 Great! Now, tell me a little more about you. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

▶ Vocabulary

syllable : 음절

good - better - best

bad - worse - worst

flirt : 추파를 던지다

pageant : 야외극, 가장행렬, 미인대회

* 학위

bachelor's degree : 학사 학위

mater's degree : 석사 학위

doctorate : 박사 학위

* 학년

1 : freshman

2 : sophomore

3 : junior

4 : senior

migration : 이주 :: movement

thesis : 학위 논문

athletic : (몸이) 탄탄한

shortstop : (야구) 유격수

▶ Summary

 one syllable

 2+ syllables



/ non-countable

 words ending with '-y'

 the _____~est

 the most / the least _____

 the best / the worst

 the least / the fewest / the most

 the _____~iest

 the tallest
 the cutest

 the oldest

 the most expensive

 the least populated

 the most talented

 the best site

 the worst time

 the most free time

 the most cows

 the least rain

 the fewest absences

 the prettiest
 the happiest

 the sportiest 

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