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When in Rome

▶ Language Point

< a custom / to be customary >

When one marries in Saudi Arabia, there are many customs to follow.

In America, if someone invites you over for dinner, it is customary to bring a bottle of wine.

It is (not) _____ to do something. / Doing something is (not) _____. 

;; okay / alright / common / acceptable / impolite / rude / inconsiderate >

In India, eating with one's hands is acceptable.

At our house, it is okay to eat dinner in front of the TV.

In England, it's rude to ask how much money someone makes.

< Someone is (not) _____ to do something.

;; supposed / expected / permitted / allowed / required >

In some Middle Eastern countries, women are not allowed to vote.

In Korea culture, people are expected to take their shoes off before entering a house.

< Doing something is (not) _____. ;; permitted / allowed / required >

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet on is not allowed in Canada.

< to mean / to indicate >

In Hawaii, the word "aloha" means hello and goodbye.

In most Western countries, a gold band on the third finger of the left hand indicates the person is married.

▶ Warming Up

1. Have you had many chances to find out about other cultures (e.g., by traveling abroad)?

2. Which other cultures do you think are most similar to your own?

3. Which other cultures do you think are most different to your own?

▶ Reading

  We live in world that seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Globalization is bringing everyone closer together, and it's becoming cheaper and easier to travel abroad. Also, increasing immigration is making many countries more and more multicultural. However, this doesn't mean that everyone is starting to behave the same. This is good because cultural differences make the world a more interesting and diverse place to live.

  Some of these cultural differences are well known, but others are not. For example, most people know that Westerners usually greet each other with a firm handshake. Of course, in many parts of Asia there is no physical contact at all.

  However, some difference are less obvious. For example, In Bulgaria, shaking your head means "yes", and nodding your head means "no". If you want to disagree in Indonesia, you should suck air through your teeth. Saying "no" directly is considered impolite.

  In India and the Middle East, you should use only your right hand for greeting, eating or drinking. People there think the left hand is dirty. In many Western countries, pointing your finger at someone is considered rude. In Thailand, however, you have to be careful where you point your foot!

  When traveling overseas or meeting people from other countries, you may find some of their customs surprising, strange, or even shocking. However, increasing your cultural awareness can make traveling abroad and talking to foreigners more enjoyable.

▶ Discussion

2. Have you met many people from other countries? If so, which nationality is your favorite? Why?

3. Before going to another country, do you think it is necessary to find out about that country's customs? Why or why not?

4. Are there any customs is other countries that you find strange? If so, what are they? What is it that seems strange about them?

5. Do you think the people in your country are polite? Can you think of any behaviors that might be considered impolite by tourists visiting your country?

10. Are there any customs in your country that you dislike? If so, which ones? Why do you dislike them?

▶ Vocabulary

When in Rome = When in Rome, do as the Romans do

customary : 관례적인, 습관적인 :: culturally expected

inconsiderate : 사려깊지못한 :: don't think about other people

heated floor


getting smaller and smaller

diverse : 다양한 :: different, variety

to find out : to check, to learn

siesta : 낮잠 (nap)

overdated : too old

▶ Expression

Through my job, I got a chance to go to West Africa.

(= Thanks to my job, I got a chance to go to West Africa.)

I think Japanese culture is similar to Korea culture.

I think Amazon culture is most different to my own.

It is necessary, because I don't want to accidentally do something rude.

In Spain, they have a 2-hour siesta everyday.

Cutting in line, pushing and bumping into people without apologizing might be considered impolite by foreigners.

Drinking to the side in front of elders is very overdated custom that I don't like.

That milk is overdated

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Raking It In

▶ Language Point

< to pay (for) >

I'll pay for lunch today; you paid last time.

< to spend an amount on something >

She spends about forty dollars a week on transportation.

< to cost an amount >

My new digital camera costs half as much as my old one.

< to get paid / to make an amount of money >

When I was 14, I got paid $20 for helping our neighbors fix their fence.

< to have / use a credit card / to put something on one's credit card >

I have several credit cards,. Yesterday, I used my Visa to pay for dinner.

< to save an amount / to budget one's money >

I'm trying to budget my money, but I haven't saved as much as I wanted to.

< to borrow / to lend >

Can I borrow 50 dollars? My brother wouldn't lend me any money.

< to be broke >

I'm broke. I don't even have enough money to buy lunch today.

< cash, coin, change >

He always carries around a lot of cash.

There are hundreds of  coins in the fountain.

Do you have any change? I need exact change for the bus.

▶ Discussion

1. Do you budget your money? Why or why not? If so, explain how.

2. Besides, a house or car, what is the most expensive thing you have bought with your own money? Give details.

3. How much do you spend each week on eating out at restaurants? How much do you spend each week on transportation?

▶ Vocabulary

budget : 예산, (지출 예상) 비용

fountain : 분수

raffle : 경품추첨

100,000 : 100 K

140,000 : 140 K

robber : 강도

▶ Expression

I set aside 400,000 won a month for groceries and cafes.

I set aside 100,000 won for my vacation savings.

I was robbed.

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Another Day, Another Dollar

▶ Language Point

< to be between jobs / to look for a (new) job >

I'm looking for job.

< to hire / to be hired / to get a job >

I really want to get a job working for a small construction firm.

< to apply for a job / a job application / to submit an application or resume >

Where do you think I should apply?

< to be a _____ (pilot, secretary, bus driver, janitor, welder, etc.) >

I was a construction worker for five years.

< to work for a company in a department >

And before that I worked for ISM in the Maintenance Department.

< to transfer / to be transferred >

I asked to be transferred to a different department.

< to fire / to be fired / to lay off / to be laid off / to retire / to be retired >

Actually, they laid me off last month.

< to have a day off / to take a day off / to call in sick >

I can't understand that! I didn't take a day off in over six months.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Frank! You still look the same as you did twenty years ago.


 Gerald? Is that you? It sure is good to see you after all these years. So, what are you doing these days?


 Well, after high school, I studied Journalism in college and now I'm an newspaper reporter for the National Tribune.


 Wow! That sounds exciting.


 Yeah, but sometimes I wish I had a normal 9 to 5 job like everyone else. In fact, I'm thinking about quitting. A friend of mine recently offered me a job working as an editor for a weekly newsmagazine. Anyways, how about you? What do you do?


 I own a small delicatessen. We specialize in meats and cheeses from around the world.


 Really? How is your business doing?


 Actually, I'm really busy now. We plan on opening a second store this summer.


 It must be nice to be the boss. My boss is always so demanding. No matter what I write he never seems to be satisfied.


 Well, it's good to be the boss, but it's also a lot more stressful.

▶ Activity 2. When I Grow Up...

< Example >

A : Would you rather be a famous pop singer or a famous actor?

B : I would rather be a famous actor because I can't sing or dance at all.

Would you rather be a _____ or a _____?

rather : prefer to.

▶ Vocabulary

Another Day, Another Dollar = Nothing special

CV (UK) = resume

CV = curriculum vitae

resume : 재개하다. :: continue

* Interview








 job history


 your goals 

janitor : 문지기(doorkeeper), 수위, (건물) 관리인

welder : 용접공

fire ≒ lay off

lay off : (일감이 부족하여 / 돈이 없어서) 해고[정리 해고]하다

delicatessen : 델리카트슨 (조리된 육류나 치즈, 흔치 않은 수입 식품 등을 파는 가게) :: sell meats and cheeses from around the world

typical :: normal

benefit :: good extras, good things

▶ Expression

I hurt my arm and cannot go to my job. I will resume working in 3 weeks.

My mom retired after 25 years of working at the Police Department.

I call in sick (to work) today.

It must be nice ... : 좋겠다

My boss is so demanding. (requires too much)

I can try on beautiful clothes and maybe keep them. I would feel good and proud when everyone looks and takes pictures of me.

I don't want the experience of seeing a patient die.

My personality makes me better suited for teaching children.

I wake up at 6:20.

Q : What time do you usually finish work?

A : It varies, but usually between 6 and 8 pm.

Employees at GM Korea can get a 20% discount on Chevrolet cars.

My boss gives me projects at the last minute. (no time to complete)

I hate it when I have to work late for free.

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Give Me a Hand

▶ Language Point

< Asking someone to do something for you >

I was wondering if you could help me with my geometry homework.

Could you buy some milk on your way home? We are all out.

Would you mind typing this report for me? I'm too busy to do it.

Can you help me find my keys? They must be here somewhere.

< Making excuses >

I'm afraid I can't. I already have plans for tonight.

I'm sorry, but I have to spend time with my family this weekend.

I wish I could, but I'm picking my parents up at the airport tomorrow.

< Asking for permission >

May I sit here? I think all of the other seats are taken.

Would you mind if I left a little early today?

Do you mind if I open the window? It's a little stuffy in here.

Is it alright if I use your computer? My internet connection is really slow.

Can I look at your Chemistry notes? I was absent last Tuesday.

< Offering to help someone >

May I help you?

Can I give you a hand?

Would you like me to water your plants while you're away?

Let me get that for you?

▶ Dialogue


 Yes, sir, how may I help you?


 Yes, I need a room. Do you have any vacancies?


 Yes, we have just a few rooms available. And how long would you be staying?


 Just one night. Is it alright if I check out around 2:00 tomorrow? My flight doesn't leave until 6:00 and I'd rather spend my time here than at the airport.


 Check out time is at noon, but as long as you are out by 2:00, it should be okay. So, will you be paying by cash or credit card?


 Do you accept American Express?


 Yes, we do. Just sign here please.


 Do you mind if borrow your pen? I seem to have misplaced mine.


 No, not at all. Here you go. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?


 Yes, I forgot to mail this letter this morning. It's very important. Would you mind adding it to your outgoing mail? Thank you. I really appreciate it.


 You're welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

▶ Activity 1. Favors

< Example > : Pick me up at the airport

A : Hi,_____. I need a favor. Could you pick me up at the airport?

B : Sure, what day should I pick you up?

A : You can pick me up next Monday.

B : What time do you arrive?

A : At 7:30 in the evening.

B : What airline are you flying?

A : Asiana.

▶ Activity 2. Permission

< Example >

A : Do you mind if I watch the sports news?

B : Why?

A : I want to find out if Manchester United won.

How long do you need it?

▶ Discussion

3. Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Have you ever hitchhiked? Did someone pick you up?

4. Have you ever given directions to someone who was lost?

8. Have you ever needed help while traveling? Did anyone help you? Who? How?

9. Have you ever lost your wallet or some other valuable object and someone returned it? Have you ever found a wallet or some other valuable object and returned it to its owner?

Q : If you found a wallet / purse, and there were no people around not CCTV. What would you do?

I always keep it on/with me.

I always keep it in my pocket.

I never take it off in public places.

I am very forgetful / clumsy.

▶ Vocabulary

excuse : 변명, 이유, 구실 :: reason

lame : 절름발이의, 설득력이 없는, 변변찮은

obvious : 명백한

stuffy : 답답한 :: unclean air (hot / humid)

vacancy : 결원, 공석, 빈방 : empty room, available room

misplace : 제자리에 두지 않다. (그래서 찾지 못하다)

lost : 길을 잃은

outgoing mail : 발신 우편물

incoming mail : inbox, coming mail

countryside : 시골, 전원

▶ Expression

That's a lame excuse. (no effort excuse) :: obvious lie, clear lie

Let me get that for you? :: 보통 여기서의 that은 door를 의미함 ==> (usually) Let me open the door for you.

I'd rather ... = I'd prefer ...

I'd rather hike a mountain than go swimming.

= I prefer hike a mountain.

Sure, if you give me the money. I'll pick up your shirts.

I know someone who is just your type! I'll ask her if she wants a blind date with you.

I hitchhiked on a tractor.

Foreigners always choose me.

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Look on the Bright Side

▶ Language Point

< cheerful / cheery > : happy, energetic

My girlfriend is pretty cheerful person.

< ecstatic / bursting with joy / overjoyed / thrilled >

But the other day, she was just ecstatic! She really liked the handbag I bought her.

< make someone happy >

Giving people things always makes me happy.

< to get depressed / to get down / to get bummed out >

I don't get bummed out that often.

< to get to someone / to get someone down / to bother someone >

I just try not to let my problems get to me.

< to look on the bright side / to be optimistic >

Even in a terrible situation, I try to look on the bright side.

▶ Warming up

What was the happiest period of your life?

What made it such a happy time?

How does your life now compare to that period?

Who did you live with at that time?

< Example Answer >

When I was in my 20s.

When I was a kid.

When I was in highschool.

When I was in the military.

When I got my first job.

When I got married.

When I had a baby.

After I was 31, I started making good money and getting promotions etc.

Now, I have a sense of security. (stable life)

I was happiest when I was a middle school student, I had no responsibility and just played.

▶ Activity 2 : I'd Love to!

< Example >

A : Would watching a baseball game at a stadium make you happy? 

(= Would you be happy watching a baseball game at a stadium?)

B : It wouldn't make me happy. I don't have any interest in baseball.

I can't eat a whole(all) pizza by my self (alone).

I had to hike a lot when I was in the military, so hiking wouldn't make me happy.

I have a fear of heights.

▶ Discussion

1. Are you happy today? Why or why not?

4. What things do you love most in your life? Think of two activities, objects, places, etc. Explain why you love them.

5. Money can't buy happiness, but we usually feel happy when we buy a new pair of shoes or the latest electronic gadget. If you had a lot of money, what would you buy (besides a house, a car, or a trip) to make yourself happy? Why?

8. Can you think of 3 things that other people do that make you unhappy? Explain why these things make you unhappy.

People who break rules. : rule-breaking

▶ Vocabulary

optimistic : 낙관적인 :: be positive

look on the bright side : 긍정적으로 보다

ecstatic : 황홀해하는, 열광하는 :: extremely happy

burst : 터지다, 폭발하다 :: explode

thrill : 황홀감, 흥분, 설렘 :: ecstatic

thriller movie : scary movie

etc. : etcetera, and so on

responsibility : 책임감 :: duty

fly a kite : 연을 날리다

gadget : 도구, 장치

wardrobe : 옷장, all of clothes

late for appointments

talk loudly

rude : unkind, cruel(잔혹한, 잔인한)

▶ Expression

I am bummed out.

I am stress out. : a lot of stress, stressful

Don't let it get to you.

= Don't let it bother you.

= Don't worry about it.

= Don't let it get you down.

Would _____ make you happy?

= Would you be happy _____?

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Not My Type

▶ Language Point

< to flirt with someone >

A guy at the bar was flirting with me all night.

< to come on too strong / to be too forward >

He was really coming on too strong. I had to tell him to get lost.

< to turn someone down / to be turned down > : refuse, reject

He asked me out on a date, but I turned him down.

< to be someone's type >

To be honest, he's just not my type.

< to go out with someone / to date someone > : dating

I've been going out with my girlfriend for over a year.

< love at first sight >

It was love at first sight.

< to go on a blind date / to set someone up >

It's not usual to meet a nice guy on a blind date.

< to hit it off with someone > : to get along very easily / quickly (have many things in common)

But, I really hit it off with John from the moment we met.

< to fall for someone > : fall in love

I was really starting to fall for my boyfriend...

< to two-time someone / to cheat on someone >

Until I found out he'd been two-timing me!

< to stand someone up / to be stood up >

We were supposed to be having out second date last night, but he stood me up.

< to dump someone / to break up >

I've never been dumped by anyone that quickly.

▶ Warming up

Describe your ideal type.

Is there anyone famous who you think is  your ideal type?

If you could go on a date with that person, where would you go and why?

< Example Answer >

My ideal type of woman is one who has dark long straight hair. Also, she should have ....

▶ Dialogue


 What happened on your date last night?


 Nothing. I was stood up.


 Really? You're joking, right?


 No, I've never felt so embarrassed.


 But, I thought you said that the two of you hit it off from the moment you met.


 We did. And, I mean, he was really flirting with me. I can't understand it.


 Oh, really? Like how?


 Oh, you know. Giving me lots of compliments, touching my arm, that kind of thing.


 In my experience, if  a guy's too forward he's probably just out for a good time.


 Yeah, I guess your right. He probably just wanted a bit of fun for the evening.


 Hey, forget about him. I know a nice guy who's just your type. How about I set you two up on a blind date?


 Really? But what if I'm not his type? I'm not sure I could stand being turned down again right now.


 Don't worry! Just go out and have fun together and see what happens.


 Okay, I'll think about it. Anyhow, how are things going with your boyfriend? You've been dating for a couple of years, right?


 Don't ask! I found out that the creep was cheating on me with on of my friends, so I dumped him a couple of weeks ago.


 I can't believe it. You guys seemed so happy together.


 Yeah, I really fell for him in a big way, it's just a shame that I couldn't see what sort of gut he really was.


 Well, it looks like we're both in a similar situation! Why don't we just forget about men and have a girl's night out? It'll be just like old times.

▶ Discussion

1. Do you think that age difference is important when dating? Would you date someone much older or younger than you? Why or why not?

2. Do you think your parents would have the problem if you married someone much older or younger than you? Would it make a difference if that person were rich?

3. Do you like to flirt? If so, what do you usually do? Where? With whom? Why?

4. Do you think that flirting is just for fun, or is it something more serious? Explain your opinion.

5. Do you ever set your friends up on blind dates? If so, have you had much success? Do you think that blind dates are a good way to meet someone special? Why or why not?

< Example Answer >

Age difference is not important, but if the difference is too big, then the relationship is not good.

If the age difference is within 5 years, then it's OK.

I think about and judge his appearance.

When I'm older, I will prefer younger girls.

I think blind dates, when introduced through a friend, are a good way to meet someone special. The friend knows their good points and can make a good match.

▶ Vocabulary

flirt with : ~에게 추파를 던지다

light flirting

get lost : go away

going out : dating

stand someone up : ~를 바람맞히다

cheat on : 바람 피우다 (two-time)

hit it off (with somebody) : (~와) 죽이 맞다

embarrass : 당황하게 만들다, 곤란하게 만들다

compliment : 칭찬, 찬사

too forward : too strong flirting

just out for a good time :: sex

a bit of fun for the evening :: sex

stand : tolerate, endure

creep : 괴짜, 별난 사람 :: weirdo, strange man 

sort : kind, type

girl's night out : only girl and play

guy's night out : only guy and play

old times : past

bond of sympathy : 공감대

▶ Expression

We hit it off : We clicked

My girlfriend cheated on me! = My girlfriend two-timed me!

I dumped her. = I broke up with her.

A bond of sympathy developed between members of the group.

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The Latest and Greatest

▶ Language Point

< Adjectives with only one syllable, add "the _____~est" >

The Sears Tower is the tallest building in America.

Peter is the cutest guy in out class.

My sister has the oldest mobile phone in our family.

< Adjective with two or more syllables, use "the most / the least _____" >

These are the most expensive shoes I own.

North Dakota is the least populated state in America.

Tom Hanks is one of the most talented actors today.

< Irregular adjectives : the best / the worst >

January is the worst time to visit Moscow.

Google is the best site to use to search for information.

< Countable / non-countable - the least / the fewest / the most >

Claire has the most free time.

Farmer Brown has the most cows.

Las Vegas has the least rain of all the major cities in America.

Margaret has the fewest absences in our class.

▶ Dialogue


 So, tell me some more about yourself? How many brothers and sisters do you have?


 I have five brothers and three sisters.


 Wow, that sure is a big family. Are you the eldest?


 No, my brother Sam is. He is a lawyer at the biggest law firm in town.


 So, are you the most beautiful sister?


 No. Everyone says Sara is the most beautiful. She came in second in the Miss California beauty pageant last year. Everyone just thinks I'm the cutest.


 You said you were getting your master's in Economics at UCLA, so you must be the smartest, right?


 Actually, the smartest would be my brother, Stan. He just got his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering from USC.


 So, how often do you see everyone? It must be hard to get everyone together.


 We usually have dinner at my parent's house once a month; everyone except my brother, Steve. He's in Africa studying zebra migration for his master's thesis. He was always the most adventurous.


 So, who's the youngest?


 My brother, Scott, is the youngest. He's a senior in high school.


 So, does he want to go to UCLA like his older sister?


 No, actually he's the most athletic one in our family. He just signed a contract with a minor league team. Someday, he hopes to play shortstop for the Dodgers.


 Wow, you sure have an interesting family. I'd sure like to meet them.


 Well, we are all having dinner together next Saturday. My mom makes the best Italian food.


 Sounds good. I'll bring a bottle of wine and put on my best suit.


 Great! Now, tell me a little more about you. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

▶ Vocabulary

syllable : 음절

good - better - best

bad - worse - worst

flirt : 추파를 던지다

pageant : 야외극, 가장행렬, 미인대회

* 학위

bachelor's degree : 학사 학위

mater's degree : 석사 학위

doctorate : 박사 학위

* 학년

1 : freshman

2 : sophomore

3 : junior

4 : senior

migration : 이주 :: movement

thesis : 학위 논문

athletic : (몸이) 탄탄한

shortstop : (야구) 유격수

▶ Summary

 one syllable

 2+ syllables



/ non-countable

 words ending with '-y'

 the _____~est

 the most / the least _____

 the best / the worst

 the least / the fewest / the most

 the _____~iest

 the tallest
 the cutest

 the oldest

 the most expensive

 the least populated

 the most talented

 the best site

 the worst time

 the most free time

 the most cows

 the least rain

 the fewest absences

 the prettiest
 the happiest

 the sportiest 

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2014. 3. 17. 09:16

Make mine a double

▶ Language Point

< to be addicted to / to have an addiction > 

He is addicted to cigarettes.

= He has a cigarette addiction.

< to break a habit / to quit / to stop / to give up >

Smoking is a hard habit to break.

She quit drinking three years ago.

< to drink / to smoke >

Do you smoke? / Do you drink?

She smokes a pack a day. / He drinks about twice a week.

< to be drunk / to get drunk / to become drunk / to be intoxicated >

She got really drunk at the party last night.

< to vomit / to throw up / to puke / to barf >

After drinking too much whisky, he barfed all over the table.

< to pass out > : fall asleep (too much drinking, to tired)

He was so drunk he passed out in the taxi.

< to have a hangover / to be hung over >

After drinking all night, the next day I had a terrible hangover.

< a shot of ... >

He had three shows of tequila.

< draft beer / on tap >

She can drink a lot of draft beer.

< hard liquor >

Vodka is my favorite hard liquor.

< to barhop / to go barhopping >

My best friend loves to barhop. We went to four bars last night.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Bill, are you okay? You look a little tired.


 Yeah, I have a terrible hangover. I was out late drinking with my some of my old college buddies. Do you happen to have any aspirin?


 Sure, I have some in my desk. So, what happened? Usually you never get drunk.


 Well, at first, I started out drinking only beer, but later on we ordered a bottle of scotch. After the scotch, I was feeling pretty good. Then one of the guys suggested we go to another bar for some tequila.


 But, I thought you hated tequila.


 Yeah, but we were having such a good time and I didn't want to be the first one to leave. I think I must have had about eight shots.


 Eight shots! That's a lot of tequila. So, how did you get home? You must have been pretty drunk.


 My friends put me in a cab. Then I must have passed out. The next thing I remember is standing in front of my house and puking all over the sidewalk.  I must have passed out again because I don't remember anything else until I woke up this morning on the living room floor.


 Good thing your wife is out of town on business this week. If she found out, I don't think she would ever let you go out drinking again.


 Yeah, so let's just keep this little secret between you and me. Now, would you pass me the aspirin? This is one bad hangover.

▶ Vocabulary

* cigarette

pack : 갑

carton : 보루

intoxicated : 취한

puke : 토하다 (vomit, throw up, barf) -> 발음 주의[pju:k]

draft beer : 생맥주

on tap : 언제든지 이용할 수 있는

liquor : 독한 술

barhop : 여러 술집을 돌아다니며 마시다

buddy : (비격식) 친구 : male friend

aspirin = headache medicine

cab = taxi cab

hook : 고리, 걸이, 바늘 (addict, 중독)

consume : 소모하다 : eat or drink

times ≠ hours

step dad / mom / sister / ... : 새 아빠 / 엄마 / 언니 / ...

mom (US) = mum (UK)

loads : a lot

spouse : 배우자 :: husband / wife

mood : atmosphere :: feeling, environment

▶ Expression

I just hiked a mountain. I'm going to pass out.

I have a hangover. = I'm hungover.

When he drinks too much, he usually vomits on other people.

I'm addicted to coffee.

= I'm hooked on coffee.

I spend 40 hours per week working.

= I work 40 hours a/per week.

Coffee mixes/Instant coffee reduce my stress.

I consumed a sandwich today. (X, can understand but it's not a usually expression)

-> I ate a sandwich today.

If my boyfriend drinks a lot, he passes out.

I first tried alcohol in my late teens.

In my early twenties, I used to drink a lot. These days, I don't like to drink very much.

I don't really like drinking, but I like the social aspect of it. (talking and fun with friend)

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2014. 3. 13. 09:04

You've got a point there.

 ▶ Language Point

< Expressing your opinion >

-- I think ...

I think the Giants will win the World Series because they have the best pitchers.

-- I believe ...

I believe he will make a good husband because he is very thoughtful.

-- I feel ...

I feel that our company will be more profitable now that we have a new CEO.

< Expressing an opinion you are not sure about >

-- It seems to me that ...

It seems to me that the accident was his fault. He shouldn't have been driving so fast.

-- I'd say ...

I'd say that as far as presidents go, he's not a very good one.

< Expressing an opinion you feel strongly about >

-- I really think that ... / I honestly feel that ... / I strongly believe that ...

I honestly think that you shouldn't have told her about our plan!

-- I'm (quite) sure / (quite) certain / positive that ...

I'm sure Ryan isn't the kind of guy we want to hire.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Terrance. Did you read in the paper today that the government is increasing the price of cigarettes by 25%?


 Oh, yeah? Well, I think that's a good thing.


 What? Are you joking? The price of cigarettes is already too high. And now they want to raise it more? How can that be a goo thing?


 Well, it will probably help reduce the amount of lung cancer.


 That may be, but it's my choice if I want to smoke or not. So, if I get lung cancer, it's my own fault. Besides, you smoke. Doesn't it make you angry now that you have to pay more?


 No, not really. I plan on quitting and it seems to me that now's as good a time as any.


 Well, did you also hear that the government is going to increase the tax on beer by 25%?


 Now, that's something to get angry about! We'd better stop by the beer store and stock up before the price goes up!

▶ Act 1 : Which is better?

< Example >

A : Which is better, having only one kid or having four kids?

B : I think having one kid is better because raising children costs a lot of money.

A : Yes, but I think having four kids is much better because they won't be lonely. They will always have someone to play with.

▶ Vocabulary

thoughtful : thinks about others

profitable : able to make good money

as far as ____ go : regarding ___

ex) as far as presidents go = regarding presidents

to hire : to employee, to give a job to someone

disgusting : 역겨운

to stop by : visit

to stock up : buy a lot

 to raise






 Wow! Your daughter is growing up so fast! (O)
 Wow! You have grown your daughter well. (X)
-> You have raised your daughter well. (O)

▶ Expression

I think Korea will do well in the next World Cup.

I'd say, as far as coffee goes, this one is disgusting.

I really think that people should not blow their nose at the food table.

I think having a dog is better because they are friendly / loyal.

Yes, but I think having a cat is better because they are clean and they can use a toilet.

It is funner to cheer with a crowd.

We can travel in Korea anytime, but we can't go abroad anytime.

If you had an opportunity to go abroad, where would you go?

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On the Tip of My Tongue

▶ Language Point

< to memorize something >

When I was in school, we had to memorize lots of formulas.

< to know something (off) by heart >

We used to know all the words to that song by heart.

< to remember something >

I can't remember what I did last night.

< to remind someone of something >, remind -> remember again

This song remind me of going to the beach with my friends in high school.

< to recall > : remember

I can't recall his phone number. I'll have to look it up.

* to look it up : to find, to search

< to recognize someone / something >

Hey, I recognize that sweater. Didn't I lend that to you last year?

< draw a blank / slip one's mind > : forget

Sorry, but I'm drawing a blank - what was your name again?

< to reminisce about something > : to think about the past, to talk about the past.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing about the good old days.

< memories >

Jane has some bad memories from our vacation to Greece; her camera was stolen.

< memory >

Hold on. My memory is terrible. I'll have to write that down or I'll forget it.

▶ Act 1 : A Memory for details

I grew up in a big city/small town called Amarillo, Taxas. I live there for over 20 years. There was a beautiful girl who lived across the street from my house.

▶ Vocabulary

formula : 공식

by heart : 외워서

reminisce : 추억에 잠기다, 추억담을 나누다

an alley : 골목길

▶ Expression

I recognize him from the wanted poster.

Your name slipped my mind.

I lived in Guro all my life.

There are many criminals in Guro.

The crime rate in Guro is the highest in Seoul.

My town is famous for having delicious apples.

When did you go there?

There is nothing there/in somewhere.

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