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▶ Language Point

< Asking for information >

1. to be doing / be up to / planning to do

What are you up to tonight?

What are you planning to do this weekend?

What are you doing tomorrow?

2. to be on / being held / taking place / playing

-- Location

Where is Hamlet playing?

Where is the concert on?

Where is the craft fair being held?

Where is the fun fair taking place?

-- Date

When is it?

What day is it on?

-- Time

Q : What time is it on?

A : It's on at 3 p.m.

Q : What time does it start?

A : It's starts at 3 p.m.

-- Duration

Q : How long is it on?

A : It's on at 3 p.m. and finished around 6 p.m.

Q : How long does it last?

▶ Dialogue

James : What are you up to this weekend?

Sarah : I'm not sure yet, but there's a big fireworks display on Saturday, so I might go with some friends.

James : Oh, yeah? Where is it being held?

Sarah : It's taking place in Riverside Park. Why? Are you interested in going?

James : Well, I'm supposed to be going to a baseball game with a few friends.

Sarah : Oh, really? Where's it on?

James : At White Lane Stadium.

Sarah : Well, that's not too far from where the fireworks are going to be on. How long does the game last?

James : I should be finished by about 9. Why?

Sarah : That's about the time the display starts, so I guess you could do both.

James : Yeah, except I think the other guys were planning to have a few drinks after the game.

Sarah : Why don't you just bring a few beers along to the display? They'll have hotdogs and burgers there, too.

James : Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll suggest it to the other guys and let you know.

Sarah : Okay, sounds good! Talk to you later.

▶ Activity 2. Are you up fro it?

< Example >

A : How about going to see the baseball game on Saturday?

B : What time is it on?

A : It starts at 5 and should be finished around 9.

B : Oh, I was planning to go out with some friends for a drink.

A : Well, how about .... (persuade)

▶ Discussion

1. How do you decide what to do on the weekend? Do you usually follow your friends' suggestions or do you make your own plans?

A : I usually follow my friends' plans. I don't like to decide. It is easier for me if they decide.

3. Do you think there are enough leisure activities and entertainment where you live? If not, what would you like to see more of?

A : There are many fun things where I live, but I would like to see more places to play badminton.

8. How much money do you spend on entertainment each month?

A : I spend about 200,000 won a month.

Q : Like what?

A : Bowling, .....

13. If I wanted to do something fun on a Friday night (besides drinking), what would you recommend? Why?

A : You could go on a short trip.

Q : What are you into? (= What do you like?)

A : I'm into hiking/bowling/photography/...

Well, You could go to Han River. (Well, have you been to Han River.)

Q : What else are you into? 

Wrong) What are you into, other something?

▶ Vocabulary

craft fair : 공예품 전시회

on a golf course

to persuade = to convince = to make someone follow you

ex) Sarah persuaded James to come to the fireworks display.

leisure sports = bowling, golf, pool, karaoke room

▶ Expression

It's being held at Namsan tower.

It's taking place at Namsan tower.

How about going to your art exhibition from 11 ~ 3? Then, you can come to the baseball game.

I want to see more bars and cafes near my home.

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