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  1. 2014.03.12 [SLE Start] Lesson 5. On the Tip of My Tongue
2014. 3. 12. 08:59

On the Tip of My Tongue

▶ Language Point

< to memorize something >

When I was in school, we had to memorize lots of formulas.

< to know something (off) by heart >

We used to know all the words to that song by heart.

< to remember something >

I can't remember what I did last night.

< to remind someone of something >, remind -> remember again

This song remind me of going to the beach with my friends in high school.

< to recall > : remember

I can't recall his phone number. I'll have to look it up.

* to look it up : to find, to search

< to recognize someone / something >

Hey, I recognize that sweater. Didn't I lend that to you last year?

< draw a blank / slip one's mind > : forget

Sorry, but I'm drawing a blank - what was your name again?

< to reminisce about something > : to think about the past, to talk about the past.

We spent the afternoon reminiscing about the good old days.

< memories >

Jane has some bad memories from our vacation to Greece; her camera was stolen.

< memory >

Hold on. My memory is terrible. I'll have to write that down or I'll forget it.

▶ Act 1 : A Memory for details

I grew up in a big city/small town called Amarillo, Taxas. I live there for over 20 years. There was a beautiful girl who lived across the street from my house.

▶ Vocabulary

formula : 공식

by heart : 외워서

reminisce : 추억에 잠기다, 추억담을 나누다

an alley : 골목길

▶ Expression

I recognize him from the wanted poster.

Your name slipped my mind.

I lived in Guro all my life.

There are many criminals in Guro.

The crime rate in Guro is the highest in Seoul.

My town is famous for having delicious apples.

When did you go there?

There is nothing there/in somewhere.

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