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What time is the party?

▶ Dialogue


 James, do you have the time? I forgot to bring my watch.


 It's 5:20. Where are you going?


 I'm going to my friend's birthday party. I'm a little late.


 I see. What time is the party?


 The party is at 5:30. Speaking of parties, are you going to Professor Alman's farewell party?


 Oh, I didn't know about it. When is it?


 It's on April 27th.


 The 27th of April? What day is that? Is it a Friday?


 No, it's a Thursday. Can you come?


 Yes, I can. Fortunately, I'm free that day.


 Great! Oh, I think the bus is coming.


 OK. Enjoy the party and I'll see you on the 27th.

▶ Language Focus


 What time is it?

 Could you tell me the time?

 Do you have the time?

 It's 3:00 (three o'clock).

 It's 5:30 (five-thirty) / It's half past five.

 It's 7:15 (seven-fifteen). / It's (a) quarter past seven.

 It's 8:45 (eight-forty-five). / It's (a) quarter to nine.

 It's 2:50 (two-fifty). / It's ten to three.

 Days and Dates

 What day is it today?

 It's Tuesday.

 What date is it today?

 What's the date today?

 It's September 9th. / It's the 9th of September.

 When is your birthday?

 It's (on) February 23rd. / It's (on) the 23rd of February. 

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Excuse me, do you have the time? (= Could you tell me the time?)

B : Yes. It's ten past seven.

A : Oh no! I think I've missed the bus. Thanks, anyway.

B : You're welcome.

< Example 2 >

A : Anna's baby shower is coming up soon.

B : Really? When is the baby shower?

A : It's on the 5th of April.

B : What day is that?

A : It's a Friday.

< Example 3 >

A : Do you have any special plans this month?

B : Well, I have my brother's wedding and my friend's baby shower.

A : Oh, really? When is the wedding?

B : It's (on) Thursday the 18th of July.

A : What time does it start?

B : (At) 3 pm.

A : I see.. When is the baby shower?

..... (continue)

< Example 4 >

A : What plans does Liz have for March?

B : Well, she has a hair appointment and her birthday party.

A : What date is her dental appointment?

B : It's on the 4th of March.

A : At what time?

B : It's (at) 12:30 pm.

A : What date is her birthday party?

... (continue)

▶ Vocabulary

farewell party : 송별회

* 학년




 1st year


 2nd year


 3rd year 


 4th year (last year)

commencement : 대학교 졸업식 (brand-new)

8:30 : half past 8 / 8 half

12:05 : 12 O five

final exam : 기말고사

mid-term exam : 중간고사

college reunion : 동창회

▶ Expression

Do you have the time? = What time is it?

I'm free that day. = I've nothing on that day.

cheers!! : (US) 건배, (UK) 고맙습니다. (헤어질때) 안녕

I appreciated it.

I appreciate it (very much).

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Shopping Spree

▶ Language Point

< a rip-off / to be ripped off >

My friend bought the same jacket as me for half the price.

I was ripped off!

< to be good value / to get a good deal >

These shirts were great value. I got three for the price of two.

< to be on sale / to be on offer >

This TV was on sale. I got 50% off!

< a refund / to get a refund > : get money back

I took it back to the store to get a refund, but they refused.

< a discount / to get a discount >

They offered me a 20% discount.

< to try something on > : to wear

I tried on five pairs of jeans before I found some liked.

< a fake >

Some of the fakes are so good they look exactly the same as the real product.

< designer brand / famous name >

I always buy famous name products because you can trust the quality.

< to be genuine / real >

Is that a genuine Armani?

< a logo / designer label >

I don't care what the logo says.

▶ Warming up

Where did you buy the clothes you are wearing now?

Were they good value?

Where do you usually buy your clothes?

Discuss with your partner the best place to buy clothes.

A : The best place to buy clothes is Uniqlo. The sales assistants don't talk to me.

▶ Activity 1. Discriminating Shopper

Example : Video Camera

I think Sony Handycams are the best kind of video camera. A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought one, and we've never had any problems with it at all. Plus, it's really easy to use and has a lot of neat functions.

▶ Discussion

1. Where is your favorite place to go shopping? Why?

A : My favorite place to go shopping is Uniqlo. The sales assistants don't bother me.

2. Which do you prefer, department store shopping or Internet shopping? Why? What do you think are the good and bad points of each?

A : I prefer department store shopping because I like to try it on before I buy.

7. Do you usually go shopping alone or with other people? Which do you prefer? Why?

A : I usually go shopping with others. I prefer shopping with others because they can give me advice.

15. Can you think of anything that you need to buy in the near future? Where will you buy it? How much will it cost?

A : I need to buy a new camera lens. I will buy it online. I think it will cost around 300,000 won.

▶ Vocabulary

spree : 흥청망청하기

genuine : 진실된, 진짜의

neat : good, nice, cool

perfume : (여자용) 향수

cologne : (남자용) 향수

afterward : 나중에, 그후에

discriminating : 안목있는

abstain : 자제하다

▶ Expression

I try not to drink soft drinks very much.

Q : What is the best brand / type / kind of _______?

A : I think LG is the best TV brand. / I think LG makes the best TV.

A : I think Starbucks has/sales/makes the best coffee.

Online shopping is very convenient.

There is a coffee machine in the office for your convenience.

There is a coffee machine conveniently located in the office.

I hope to buy a new set of golf clubs.

I play golf anywhere I can.

Q : Where do you usually ______.

I will buy it from a car lot.

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