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  1. 2014.03.31 [SLE Start] Lesson 14. Raking It in
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Raking It In

▶ Language Point

< to pay (for) >

I'll pay for lunch today; you paid last time.

< to spend an amount on something >

She spends about forty dollars a week on transportation.

< to cost an amount >

My new digital camera costs half as much as my old one.

< to get paid / to make an amount of money >

When I was 14, I got paid $20 for helping our neighbors fix their fence.

< to have / use a credit card / to put something on one's credit card >

I have several credit cards,. Yesterday, I used my Visa to pay for dinner.

< to save an amount / to budget one's money >

I'm trying to budget my money, but I haven't saved as much as I wanted to.

< to borrow / to lend >

Can I borrow 50 dollars? My brother wouldn't lend me any money.

< to be broke >

I'm broke. I don't even have enough money to buy lunch today.

< cash, coin, change >

He always carries around a lot of cash.

There are hundreds of  coins in the fountain.

Do you have any change? I need exact change for the bus.

▶ Discussion

1. Do you budget your money? Why or why not? If so, explain how.

2. Besides, a house or car, what is the most expensive thing you have bought with your own money? Give details.

3. How much do you spend each week on eating out at restaurants? How much do you spend each week on transportation?

▶ Vocabulary

budget : 예산, (지출 예상) 비용

fountain : 분수

raffle : 경품추첨

100,000 : 100 K

140,000 : 140 K

robber : 강도

▶ Expression

I set aside 400,000 won a month for groceries and cafes.

I set aside 100,000 won for my vacation savings.

I was robbed.

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