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It should be on the coffee table.

▶ Dialogue


 Rachel, where are you?

 Rachel I'm in the kitchen, sweetie. What's the matter?


 Did you see today's newspaper? I can't find it anywhere.


 Did you check in the living room? It should be on the coffee table.


 I've already checked there. There's nothing on the coffee table.


 That's weird. That's where I always put the paper.


 Oh, I found it. It was under the table. It must have fallen on the floor.


 That's good to hear.


 Oh, no!


 What's wrong?


 It's all torn up. The cat must have been playing with it.

▶ Language Focus

Locations of Objects

 Where are the toys?

 They are in the box. 

 Where is the watch?

 It is beside (next to) the cell phone. 

 Where is the pencil case?

 It is between the book and the pen. 

 Where is the mug?

 Where is the cat?

 It is on the table.

 It is under the table. 

 Where is the picture?

 Where is the couch?

 It is above the couch.

 It is  below the picture.

 Where are the shoes?

 Where are the socks?

 They are in front of the socks.

 They are behind the shoes. 

↑ over





↓ below



----------------> beside (next to)


      ↙ in front of

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Do you see the pen in the picture? Where is the pen?

B : It's on the floor. What about the keys? Where are the keys?

A : They're next to pen.

... (continue)

< Example 2 >

A : Did you find any differences between the pictures?

B : Yes. There's a window in Picture 1, but there isn't a window in Picture 2. There's a painting instead.

... (continue)

< Example 3 >

A : Do you have a desk in your bedroom?

B : Yes, I do. It's next to my bed.

[ pause and draw ]

A : Do you have a chair in your bedroom?

B : Yes, it's in front of the desk.

... (continue)

< Example 4 >

A : Do you see the newspaper in the picture?

B : Yes, I do.

A : Where is it?

B : It's on the nightstand.

A : Do you see the pencils in the picture?

B : Yes, I do.

A : Where are they?

B : They're on the desk.

▶ Vocabulary

dresser : 화장대 (dressing table)

closet : 옷장

wardrobe : 붙박이장

blanket : 이불 (comforter, bed clothes)

bin : (뚜껑있는) 쓰레기통

trashcan : (공공) 쓰레기통

garbage can : (큰) 쓰레기통

mustache : 콧수염

parachute : 낙하산

cabbage : 양상추

weird : 이상한

sigh : 한숨을 쉬다, 한숨짓다

grave yard : 묘지

fell down on the ground : 땅에 넘어지다

jelly : 잼 (jam)

rocking chair : 흔들의자

 threadmill : 러닝머신

▶ Expression

A ship struck a rock and sank. : 선박 한 척이 좌초해 침몰했다. ㅜ.ㅜ

That's weird.

How do you release your stress?

What's your favorite kind of movie?

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Give Me a Hand

▶ Language Point

< Asking someone to do something for you >

I was wondering if you could help me with my geometry homework.

Could you buy some milk on your way home? We are all out.

Would you mind typing this report for me? I'm too busy to do it.

Can you help me find my keys? They must be here somewhere.

< Making excuses >

I'm afraid I can't. I already have plans for tonight.

I'm sorry, but I have to spend time with my family this weekend.

I wish I could, but I'm picking my parents up at the airport tomorrow.

< Asking for permission >

May I sit here? I think all of the other seats are taken.

Would you mind if I left a little early today?

Do you mind if I open the window? It's a little stuffy in here.

Is it alright if I use your computer? My internet connection is really slow.

Can I look at your Chemistry notes? I was absent last Tuesday.

< Offering to help someone >

May I help you?

Can I give you a hand?

Would you like me to water your plants while you're away?

Let me get that for you?

▶ Dialogue


 Yes, sir, how may I help you?


 Yes, I need a room. Do you have any vacancies?


 Yes, we have just a few rooms available. And how long would you be staying?


 Just one night. Is it alright if I check out around 2:00 tomorrow? My flight doesn't leave until 6:00 and I'd rather spend my time here than at the airport.


 Check out time is at noon, but as long as you are out by 2:00, it should be okay. So, will you be paying by cash or credit card?


 Do you accept American Express?


 Yes, we do. Just sign here please.


 Do you mind if borrow your pen? I seem to have misplaced mine.


 No, not at all. Here you go. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?


 Yes, I forgot to mail this letter this morning. It's very important. Would you mind adding it to your outgoing mail? Thank you. I really appreciate it.


 You're welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

▶ Activity 1. Favors

< Example > : Pick me up at the airport

A : Hi,_____. I need a favor. Could you pick me up at the airport?

B : Sure, what day should I pick you up?

A : You can pick me up next Monday.

B : What time do you arrive?

A : At 7:30 in the evening.

B : What airline are you flying?

A : Asiana.

▶ Activity 2. Permission

< Example >

A : Do you mind if I watch the sports news?

B : Why?

A : I want to find out if Manchester United won.

How long do you need it?

▶ Discussion

3. Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? Have you ever hitchhiked? Did someone pick you up?

4. Have you ever given directions to someone who was lost?

8. Have you ever needed help while traveling? Did anyone help you? Who? How?

9. Have you ever lost your wallet or some other valuable object and someone returned it? Have you ever found a wallet or some other valuable object and returned it to its owner?

Q : If you found a wallet / purse, and there were no people around not CCTV. What would you do?

I always keep it on/with me.

I always keep it in my pocket.

I never take it off in public places.

I am very forgetful / clumsy.

▶ Vocabulary

excuse : 변명, 이유, 구실 :: reason

lame : 절름발이의, 설득력이 없는, 변변찮은

obvious : 명백한

stuffy : 답답한 :: unclean air (hot / humid)

vacancy : 결원, 공석, 빈방 : empty room, available room

misplace : 제자리에 두지 않다. (그래서 찾지 못하다)

lost : 길을 잃은

outgoing mail : 발신 우편물

incoming mail : inbox, coming mail

countryside : 시골, 전원

▶ Expression

That's a lame excuse. (no effort excuse) :: obvious lie, clear lie

Let me get that for you? :: 보통 여기서의 that은 door를 의미함 ==> (usually) Let me open the door for you.

I'd rather ... = I'd prefer ...

I'd rather hike a mountain than go swimming.

= I prefer hike a mountain.

Sure, if you give me the money. I'll pick up your shirts.

I know someone who is just your type! I'll ask her if she wants a blind date with you.

I hitchhiked on a tractor.

Foreigners always choose me.

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