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  1. 2014.04.17 [I Can Speak 2] Lesson 11. It should be on the coffee table.
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It should be on the coffee table.

▶ Dialogue


 Rachel, where are you?

 Rachel I'm in the kitchen, sweetie. What's the matter?


 Did you see today's newspaper? I can't find it anywhere.


 Did you check in the living room? It should be on the coffee table.


 I've already checked there. There's nothing on the coffee table.


 That's weird. That's where I always put the paper.


 Oh, I found it. It was under the table. It must have fallen on the floor.


 That's good to hear.


 Oh, no!


 What's wrong?


 It's all torn up. The cat must have been playing with it.

▶ Language Focus

Locations of Objects

 Where are the toys?

 They are in the box. 

 Where is the watch?

 It is beside (next to) the cell phone. 

 Where is the pencil case?

 It is between the book and the pen. 

 Where is the mug?

 Where is the cat?

 It is on the table.

 It is under the table. 

 Where is the picture?

 Where is the couch?

 It is above the couch.

 It is  below the picture.

 Where are the shoes?

 Where are the socks?

 They are in front of the socks.

 They are behind the shoes. 

↑ over





↓ below



----------------> beside (next to)


      ↙ in front of

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Do you see the pen in the picture? Where is the pen?

B : It's on the floor. What about the keys? Where are the keys?

A : They're next to pen.

... (continue)

< Example 2 >

A : Did you find any differences between the pictures?

B : Yes. There's a window in Picture 1, but there isn't a window in Picture 2. There's a painting instead.

... (continue)

< Example 3 >

A : Do you have a desk in your bedroom?

B : Yes, I do. It's next to my bed.

[ pause and draw ]

A : Do you have a chair in your bedroom?

B : Yes, it's in front of the desk.

... (continue)

< Example 4 >

A : Do you see the newspaper in the picture?

B : Yes, I do.

A : Where is it?

B : It's on the nightstand.

A : Do you see the pencils in the picture?

B : Yes, I do.

A : Where are they?

B : They're on the desk.

▶ Vocabulary

dresser : 화장대 (dressing table)

closet : 옷장

wardrobe : 붙박이장

blanket : 이불 (comforter, bed clothes)

bin : (뚜껑있는) 쓰레기통

trashcan : (공공) 쓰레기통

garbage can : (큰) 쓰레기통

mustache : 콧수염

parachute : 낙하산

cabbage : 양상추

weird : 이상한

sigh : 한숨을 쉬다, 한숨짓다

grave yard : 묘지

fell down on the ground : 땅에 넘어지다

jelly : 잼 (jam)

rocking chair : 흔들의자

 threadmill : 러닝머신

▶ Expression

A ship struck a rock and sank. : 선박 한 척이 좌초해 침몰했다. ㅜ.ㅜ

That's weird.

How do you release your stress?

What's your favorite kind of movie?

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