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  1. 2014.04.22 [I Can Speak 2] Lesson 13. Do you like musicals?
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Do you like musicals?

▶ Dialogue


 So, I heard you're a web designer.


 That's right.


 That sounds an interesting job. What's it like?


 It's a little bit stressful. I often have to work late.


 Oh, my! Then, how do you release your stress?


 I listen to rock music. I also love to go to rock concerts. They give me energy.


 Wow! I've never been to a rock concert before.


 Really? Then what kind of entertainment do you like?


 I like musicals. I'm really crazy about them. Do you like musicals?


 I don't like them much but I hope to go see one with you sometime.


 That's very sweet of you. I'd also like to go to a rock concert with you.


 Deal! We have two more dates coming up then!

▶ Language Focus

Questions About Likes and Dislikes

 Do you like soap operas?

 Yes, I do. / Yes, I like them.

 No, I don't. / No, I don't like them.

 Do you like to play sports? /

 Do you like playing sports?

 Yes, I do.

 Yes, I like to play sports.

 Yes, I like playing sports.

 No, I don't.

 No I don't like to play sports.

 No, I don't like playing sports.

 Expressing Likes and Dislikes

 How do you like action movies?

 What do you think about action movies?

 I like them very much.

 I really like them. / I like them a lot.

 I love them. / I'm crazy about them.

 It's my type. / It's my favorite.

 I kind of like them.

 They're OK.

 They're not bad.

 They're acceptable.

 50 / 50.

 I don't like them.

 I don't like them much.

 I hate them.

 I'm so sick of it.

 I can't stand on it.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Do you like watching / to watch movies. too?

B : Yes, I do. / Yes, I really like to. (No, I don't. / No, I don't like it much.)

A : Do you also like driving / to drive?

... (continue)

< Example 2 >

A : What do you think about musicals?

B : I really like them.

A : What about concerts?

B : I don't like them much.

... (continue)

< Example 3 >

A : John, do you like driving?

B : Yes, I really driving.

A : Do you like to watch horror movies?

B : No, I don't. I hate horror movies.

A : Oh, then I should ask someone else. Sarah, Do you like horror movies?

C : Yes, I love them.

< Example 4 >

A : What does Cindy like?

B : She likes puppies.

A : Why does she like puppies?

B : She likes them because they are cute, charming, and loyal.

A : What does Cindy dislike?

B : She dislikes cats.

A : Why doesn't she like cats?

B : Because they are arrogant and have scary eyes.

▶ Vocabulary

work late = overtime work

crazy : 열광하다 (>> like)

soap opera : 연속극

charming = attractive

loyal : 충성심이 강한

arrogant : 거만한

cocoon : (곤충의) 고치, 보호막

cocooning : 집에 틀어박힌 생활, 빈둥빈둥

movie goer : 영화광 (movie buff)

vowel : 모음

semester : 학기

freshman , sophomore, junior, senior

crazy about = mad about

▶ Expression

How do you release / remove your stress?

I don't mind! = I don't care! = Whatever! : 관심없어

A : Thank you for participating.

B : Your're welcome. / My pleasure.

I'm big fan of _____. 

I'm fall in love with _____.

Q : What grade are you in?

A : I'm a freshman.

I took _____ last semester.

I'll take _____ next semester.

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