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  1. 2014.03.26 [SLE Start] Lesson 12. Another Day, Another Dollar
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Another Day, Another Dollar

▶ Language Point

< to be between jobs / to look for a (new) job >

I'm looking for job.

< to hire / to be hired / to get a job >

I really want to get a job working for a small construction firm.

< to apply for a job / a job application / to submit an application or resume >

Where do you think I should apply?

< to be a _____ (pilot, secretary, bus driver, janitor, welder, etc.) >

I was a construction worker for five years.

< to work for a company in a department >

And before that I worked for ISM in the Maintenance Department.

< to transfer / to be transferred >

I asked to be transferred to a different department.

< to fire / to be fired / to lay off / to be laid off / to retire / to be retired >

Actually, they laid me off last month.

< to have a day off / to take a day off / to call in sick >

I can't understand that! I didn't take a day off in over six months.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Frank! You still look the same as you did twenty years ago.


 Gerald? Is that you? It sure is good to see you after all these years. So, what are you doing these days?


 Well, after high school, I studied Journalism in college and now I'm an newspaper reporter for the National Tribune.


 Wow! That sounds exciting.


 Yeah, but sometimes I wish I had a normal 9 to 5 job like everyone else. In fact, I'm thinking about quitting. A friend of mine recently offered me a job working as an editor for a weekly newsmagazine. Anyways, how about you? What do you do?


 I own a small delicatessen. We specialize in meats and cheeses from around the world.


 Really? How is your business doing?


 Actually, I'm really busy now. We plan on opening a second store this summer.


 It must be nice to be the boss. My boss is always so demanding. No matter what I write he never seems to be satisfied.


 Well, it's good to be the boss, but it's also a lot more stressful.

▶ Activity 2. When I Grow Up...

< Example >

A : Would you rather be a famous pop singer or a famous actor?

B : I would rather be a famous actor because I can't sing or dance at all.

Would you rather be a _____ or a _____?

rather : prefer to.

▶ Vocabulary

Another Day, Another Dollar = Nothing special

CV (UK) = resume

CV = curriculum vitae

resume : 재개하다. :: continue

* Interview








 job history


 your goals 

janitor : 문지기(doorkeeper), 수위, (건물) 관리인

welder : 용접공

fire ≒ lay off

lay off : (일감이 부족하여 / 돈이 없어서) 해고[정리 해고]하다

delicatessen : 델리카트슨 (조리된 육류나 치즈, 흔치 않은 수입 식품 등을 파는 가게) :: sell meats and cheeses from around the world

typical :: normal

benefit :: good extras, good things

▶ Expression

I hurt my arm and cannot go to my job. I will resume working in 3 weeks.

My mom retired after 25 years of working at the Police Department.

I call in sick (to work) today.

It must be nice ... : 좋겠다

My boss is so demanding. (requires too much)

I can try on beautiful clothes and maybe keep them. I would feel good and proud when everyone looks and takes pictures of me.

I don't want the experience of seeing a patient die.

My personality makes me better suited for teaching children.

I wake up at 6:20.

Q : What time do you usually finish work?

A : It varies, but usually between 6 and 8 pm.

Employees at GM Korea can get a 20% discount on Chevrolet cars.

My boss gives me projects at the last minute. (no time to complete)

I hate it when I have to work late for free.

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