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Who do you take after?

▶ Dialogue


 Is this a picture of your family?


 Yes, it is. I took the picture last year.


 I see. You really look like your mom, don't you?


 Yes. I have my mom's eyes and nose.


 And, I think you and your younger sister look alike too.


 Yes, we do. We all take after my mother and we have a lot in common as well.


 I'm sure you do. Who does your older brother resemble more, your father or your mother? I can't really tell from the picture.


 He resembles my father more.


 Oh, that's right.


 Who do you take after, Sam?


 I take after my father. I'll show you a family picture tomorrow.

▶ Language Focus

Resemblance 1

 Who do you take after?

 Who does he look like?

 Who do you resemble more, your father or your mother?

 I take after my father.

 He looks like his mom.

 I resemble my father more.

 Resemblance 2

 I have my mom's eyes.

 My sister and I look alike.

 He gets his writing skills from his mother.

 They both have a talent from music.

 My younger brother and I have a lot / nothing in common.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Who does Brian take after?

B : I think he takes after his father. He has his father's eyes.

A : Yes, I agree.

< Example 2 >

A : Are Tony and Laura related?

B : Yes. They're siblings.

A : Really? Do they have anything in common?

B : They both have a talent for numbers.

< Example 3 >

A : Is there any resemblance between Eric and his mother?

B : He has his mother's eyes and nose. / He gets his eyes and nose from his mother.

< Example 4 >

A : How many people are there in your family?

B : There are four people in my family: my father, my mother, my younger sister, and me.

A : Who do you take after?

B : I take after my father. I have my father's eyes and nose.

A : Is there any resemblance between you and your mother?

B : Well, I think I get my writing skills from my mother.

< Example 5 >

A : Does Lauren have her father's nose?

B : No, she doesn't. She has her father's dark brown eyes.

... (continue)

▶ Vocabulary

< Face >

whisker : 구렛나루 (sideburn)

dimple : 보조개

wrinkle : 주름

smile eye : 눈웃음

pimple : 뾰로지 (trouble)

philtrum : 인중

part : 가르마

double eyelid : 쌍꺼풀

mono eyelid : 홑꺼풀 (almond)

inner double eyelid : 속쌍꺼풀

forehead : 이마

between eyes : 미간

eyelash : 속눈썹

eyebrow : 눈썹

mustache : 콧수염

beard : 턱수염

bridge of nose : 콧대

earlobe : 귓볼

cheek : 볼

cheekbone : 광대뼈

nostril : 콧구멍

jaw : 뒷턱

chin : 앞턱

< Body >

thumb : 엄지

index finger : 검지 (first finger)

middle finger : 중지

ring finger : 약지

little finger : 새끼 손가락 (pinky)

palm : 손바닥, 야자

wrist : 손목

elbow : 팔꿈치

armpit : 겨드랑이

collarbone : 쇄골뼈

waist : 허리

pelvis : 골반

belly : 배

belly (button) : 배꼽

thigh : 허벅지

knee : 무릎

calf : 종아리 (송아지)

ankle : 발목

heel : 발꿈치

collar : 깃

take after : (내/외적) 닮다

resemble : (외적) 닮다

have (a lot / nothing) in common : 공통점이 (많이 / 전혀) 있다.

face shape : 얼굴형

siblings : 형제자매

older brother = elder brother

punctual : 시간을 잘 지키는

herbal doctor : 한의사

acupuncture : 침술

in 20s : 20대

oval : 타원

skinny : (안좋은 느낌으로) 비쩍마른 

▶ Expression

two thumbs up! : 정말 최고에요!

I take after both.

I'm a big fan of 사람/사물.

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Make mine a double

▶ Language Point

< to be addicted to / to have an addiction > 

He is addicted to cigarettes.

= He has a cigarette addiction.

< to break a habit / to quit / to stop / to give up >

Smoking is a hard habit to break.

She quit drinking three years ago.

< to drink / to smoke >

Do you smoke? / Do you drink?

She smokes a pack a day. / He drinks about twice a week.

< to be drunk / to get drunk / to become drunk / to be intoxicated >

She got really drunk at the party last night.

< to vomit / to throw up / to puke / to barf >

After drinking too much whisky, he barfed all over the table.

< to pass out > : fall asleep (too much drinking, to tired)

He was so drunk he passed out in the taxi.

< to have a hangover / to be hung over >

After drinking all night, the next day I had a terrible hangover.

< a shot of ... >

He had three shows of tequila.

< draft beer / on tap >

She can drink a lot of draft beer.

< hard liquor >

Vodka is my favorite hard liquor.

< to barhop / to go barhopping >

My best friend loves to barhop. We went to four bars last night.

▶ Dialogue


 Hey, Bill, are you okay? You look a little tired.


 Yeah, I have a terrible hangover. I was out late drinking with my some of my old college buddies. Do you happen to have any aspirin?


 Sure, I have some in my desk. So, what happened? Usually you never get drunk.


 Well, at first, I started out drinking only beer, but later on we ordered a bottle of scotch. After the scotch, I was feeling pretty good. Then one of the guys suggested we go to another bar for some tequila.


 But, I thought you hated tequila.


 Yeah, but we were having such a good time and I didn't want to be the first one to leave. I think I must have had about eight shots.


 Eight shots! That's a lot of tequila. So, how did you get home? You must have been pretty drunk.


 My friends put me in a cab. Then I must have passed out. The next thing I remember is standing in front of my house and puking all over the sidewalk.  I must have passed out again because I don't remember anything else until I woke up this morning on the living room floor.


 Good thing your wife is out of town on business this week. If she found out, I don't think she would ever let you go out drinking again.


 Yeah, so let's just keep this little secret between you and me. Now, would you pass me the aspirin? This is one bad hangover.

▶ Vocabulary

* cigarette

pack : 갑

carton : 보루

intoxicated : 취한

puke : 토하다 (vomit, throw up, barf) -> 발음 주의[pju:k]

draft beer : 생맥주

on tap : 언제든지 이용할 수 있는

liquor : 독한 술

barhop : 여러 술집을 돌아다니며 마시다

buddy : (비격식) 친구 : male friend

aspirin = headache medicine

cab = taxi cab

hook : 고리, 걸이, 바늘 (addict, 중독)

consume : 소모하다 : eat or drink

times ≠ hours

step dad / mom / sister / ... : 새 아빠 / 엄마 / 언니 / ...

mom (US) = mum (UK)

loads : a lot

spouse : 배우자 :: husband / wife

mood : atmosphere :: feeling, environment

▶ Expression

I just hiked a mountain. I'm going to pass out.

I have a hangover. = I'm hungover.

When he drinks too much, he usually vomits on other people.

I'm addicted to coffee.

= I'm hooked on coffee.

I spend 40 hours per week working.

= I work 40 hours a/per week.

Coffee mixes/Instant coffee reduce my stress.

I consumed a sandwich today. (X, can understand but it's not a usually expression)

-> I ate a sandwich today.

If my boyfriend drinks a lot, he passes out.

I first tried alcohol in my late teens.

In my early twenties, I used to drink a lot. These days, I don't like to drink very much.

I don't really like drinking, but I like the social aspect of it. (talking and fun with friend)

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