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I'm Looking for a minidress.

▶ Dialogue


 Hello. Can I help you?


 Yes, I'm looking for a minidress.


 Do you have any style in mind?


 Hmm... I want it to be short, but it should look classy.


 Then, how about this one? It's a new arrival.


 Oh, I love it. Does it come in black?


 Yes, it does.


 Do you have it in medium?


 Let's see. Yes, here's a medium. Do you want to try it on?


 I wish I could, but I'm in a rush right now. Can I get a refund if I buy it now and it doesn't fit?


 I'm sorry. We don't give refunds.


 Then, could I exchange it for another one if it doesn't fit?


 Sure. That's no problem. Just bring it back within a week with the receipt.

▶ Language Focus

Salesperson => Customer

 Can I help you?

 What can I do for you?

 Can I help you find something? 

 I'm looking for a jacket.

 I'm just looking, thanks.

 I'm just looking around.

 Feel free to look around.

 Take a look around.

 Take your time.


 Customer => Salesperson

 Do you have this in medium?

 Does this come in pink?

 Yes, we do. / No, we don't.

 Yes, it does. / No, it doesn't.

 Can I get a refund for this?

 I'd like to return this for a refund.

 Yes, we can give you a refund.

 I'm sorry. We don't give refunds.

 Can I exchange this for another one?

 I'd like to exchange this for another one.

 OK. You can exchange it.

 I'm sorry. Exchanges are not allowed.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Can I help you?

B : Yes, I looking for a dress.

A : We have a great selection of dresses. Take a look around.

B : Hmm... I like this one. Do you have it in size eight?

A : Yes, we do.

B : And Does it come in pink?

A : Yes, it does. Here you are.

< Example 2 >

A : I'd like to get a refund for this blouse, please.

B : Oh, I'm sorry. We don't give refunds.

A : Then, can I exchange it for another one?

B : Sure. What's the problem with it?

A : It's too tight.

B : OK. We can exchange it for another one.

A : Thanks a lot.

< Example 3 >

A : Hi, can I help you?

B : Yes, I looking for a coffee maker.

A : Do you have any particular style in mind?

B : Well, I don't know. It's for my friend. She's getting married this Saturday.

A : Then how about this black coffee maker?

B : That's nice. Do you have it in a small size?

A : Yes, we do. Here's one.

B : That's perfect. How much is it?

A : It's 37 dollars.

B : That's reasonable. I'll take it.

< Example 4 >

A : Queen's Home Shopping. What can I do for you?

B : Hi, I'd like to exchange the bag I bought.

A : May I ask what's wrong with it?

B : It's poorly made. The strap is torn.

A : Oh, I'm very sorry about that. We will exchange it for another one.

B : Thanks a lot.

▶ Vocabulary

prom : (고등학교) 무도회 :: 고2, 고3이 가는 졸업전 special party

classy : 세련된 (≠ classic)

new arrival : brand new

rush : hurry

out of stock : 재고가 떨어지다

sold out : (음식점 등) 다 팔렸다

out of order : 고장 (break)

corps : 부대 (troops)

corpse : 시체

psalm : 시편, 찬송가

psychology : 심리학

psychic : 초자연적인 (supernatural)

psychiatrist : 정신과 의사

high-ended brand : 명품 (brand-name goods)

gold-digger : 명품만 찾는 사람

single payment : 일시불

installment payment : 할부

3 months installment payment : 3개월 할부

(with) interest : 이자

without interest : 무이자

commission charge : 수수료

1 + 1 : buy 1, get 1 free

touched : 감동받다

social service worker : 사회복지사

sensible : 합리적인

clearance : 재고품

▶ Expression

May(Can) I get(have) 3 months installment payment?

Come on! : 이쪽으로 와 / 아 제발 좀~!! (억양이 다름)

It's my favorite.

It's my type.

This is mine.

It's not my type.

It's not for me.

I don't like it.

Anything cheaper?

Could you bring down the price?

Do you have a discount?

Discount, please.

Is this on sale?

When does the sale start / finish?

Sorry? / Pardon? / (남자에게) Sir? / (여자에게) Ma'am?

I appreciate it.

A : Are you ready to check out?

B : Yes, (I'm ready). / Sure. / Not yet.

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