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Which season do you like the best?

▶ Dialogue


 Linda, are you OK? You're shivering.


 Yes, but it's so cold outside. Don't you think so?


 Yes, I think winter is coming. I'm so excited!


 Why are you excited?


 Because winter is my favorite season.


 Really? What do you like to do in winter?


 I like to go skiing and snowboarding in winter. What about you? Which season do you like the best?


 I like summer best.


 Why? Do you like hot and humid weather?


 No, I don't like hot and humid weather. But, I like almost every summer sport.


 What summer sports do you like?


 Hmm... I like swimming, scuba diving, and water skiing.

▶ Language Focus


 What's your favorite season?

 My favorite season is spring.

 Spring is my favorite season.

 Which season do you like (the) best?

 I like autumn (the) best. 

 Seasonal Activities

 What do you like to do in summer?

 What activities do you enjoy doing in winter?

 I like to go rafting in summer.

 I enjoy skiing in winter.

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Which season do you like the best?

B : I like autumn the best?

A : Why do you like autumn?

B : Because I like cool weather.

< Example 2 >

A : What's your favorite season?

B : Spring is my favorite season.

A : Why is spring your favorite season?

B : Because I like warm weather.

A : What activities do you enjoy doing in spring?

B : I enjoy planting flowers in spring.

< Example 3 >

A : What's your favorite weather?

B : I like sunny weather.

A : And what's your favorite season?

B : Summer is my favorite season.

A : Oh, really? Why is that?

B : Because I like going to the beach and swimming in the ocean.

▶ Vocabulary

sensible temperature : 체감온도

fine dust : 미세먼지

yellow dust : 황사

frosty : 성에가 낀, 서리가 내린

bright : (날씨) 화창한, 화사한, (성격) clever

heavy snow : 폭설

heavy rain : 폭우

monsoon : 장마 (rainy season)

shower : 소나기

* 엄청 추울 때

freezing to death

It's piercing cold.

cold (hot) as hell

freaking cold

cf) freaking awesome : 진짜 멋지다

muggy = sultry = hot and humid

heat wave warning : 폭염 주의보

mental breakdown : 멘붕

0˚C : zero degree Celsius, negative

24˚C : 24 degrees Celsius

110˚F : 110 degrees Fahrenheit

1˚C : 1 degrees Celsius

vacation spot : 휴양지 (resort)

cool off : 더위를 식히다

deaf : 청각장애

scorching : 푹푹찌다

Weather Conditions



 Autumn / Fall






















 icy cold

▶ Expression


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