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What time is the party?

▶ Dialogue


 James, do you have the time? I forgot to bring my watch.


 It's 5:20. Where are you going?


 I'm going to my friend's birthday party. I'm a little late.


 I see. What time is the party?


 The party is at 5:30. Speaking of parties, are you going to Professor Alman's farewell party?


 Oh, I didn't know about it. When is it?


 It's on April 27th.


 The 27th of April? What day is that? Is it a Friday?


 No, it's a Thursday. Can you come?


 Yes, I can. Fortunately, I'm free that day.


 Great! Oh, I think the bus is coming.


 OK. Enjoy the party and I'll see you on the 27th.

▶ Language Focus


 What time is it?

 Could you tell me the time?

 Do you have the time?

 It's 3:00 (three o'clock).

 It's 5:30 (five-thirty) / It's half past five.

 It's 7:15 (seven-fifteen). / It's (a) quarter past seven.

 It's 8:45 (eight-forty-five). / It's (a) quarter to nine.

 It's 2:50 (two-fifty). / It's ten to three.

 Days and Dates

 What day is it today?

 It's Tuesday.

 What date is it today?

 What's the date today?

 It's September 9th. / It's the 9th of September.

 When is your birthday?

 It's (on) February 23rd. / It's (on) the 23rd of February. 

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : Excuse me, do you have the time? (= Could you tell me the time?)

B : Yes. It's ten past seven.

A : Oh no! I think I've missed the bus. Thanks, anyway.

B : You're welcome.

< Example 2 >

A : Anna's baby shower is coming up soon.

B : Really? When is the baby shower?

A : It's on the 5th of April.

B : What day is that?

A : It's a Friday.

< Example 3 >

A : Do you have any special plans this month?

B : Well, I have my brother's wedding and my friend's baby shower.

A : Oh, really? When is the wedding?

B : It's (on) Thursday the 18th of July.

A : What time does it start?

B : (At) 3 pm.

A : I see.. When is the baby shower?

..... (continue)

< Example 4 >

A : What plans does Liz have for March?

B : Well, she has a hair appointment and her birthday party.

A : What date is her dental appointment?

B : It's on the 4th of March.

A : At what time?

B : It's (at) 12:30 pm.

A : What date is her birthday party?

... (continue)

▶ Vocabulary

farewell party : 송별회

* 학년




 1st year


 2nd year


 3rd year 


 4th year (last year)

commencement : 대학교 졸업식 (brand-new)

8:30 : half past 8 / 8 half

12:05 : 12 O five

final exam : 기말고사

mid-term exam : 중간고사

college reunion : 동창회

▶ Expression

Do you have the time? = What time is it?

I'm free that day. = I've nothing on that day.

cheers!! : (US) 건배, (UK) 고맙습니다. (헤어질때) 안녕

I appreciated it.

I appreciate it (very much).

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