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Why haven't you?

▶ Language Point

< Talking about the recent past >

Have you tried that new Italian restaurant down the street?

I haven't bought my mom a present  and her birthday is tomorrow.

Have you seen my keys? I can't seem to find them.

< Just / Already / Yet / Never >

Have you bought your ticket?

We have already studied this.

He has just finished the race.

I have never driven a BMW.

< Talking about the number of times >

I have seen The Sound of Music over ten times.

My sister has been to Thailand many times.

He has given blood a few times.

< Talking about something at an unspecified past time >

I have been to Niagara Falls.

Jane's already seen that movie.

We have eaten, so we're not hungry.

< Talking about the duration of something still happening >

How long have you had your watch?

How many years has he been in jail?

I have studied here for six months.

she has worn glasses since she was 13.

< Using "ever" to ask about experiences >

Have you ever eaten lobster?

Have you ever tried waterskiing?

▶ Warming up

Q : What is something you have never done?

ex A : I've never tried skydiving.

Q : What is something you have always wanted to do?

ex A : I've always wanted to try snowboarding.

Q : What is something you have already done?

ex A : I've traveled to Cancun, Maxico.

▶ Vocabulary

to give blood = to donate blood

wear - wore - worn

* For (countable)

 : a period of time

X ========= X

ex) I lived in Seoul for 2 years / 3 weeks / 8 months.

* Since

 : a point, continuing

X =========>

ex ) I've lived in Seoul since highschool / I was a kid / last year / October / 2 years ago.

cf) for = since

We have been friends for 16 years.

 = We have been friends since 1998.

all over Europe

throw up : 'overeat' is not correct.

charity : 자선단체

▶ Expression

I haven't tried many extreme sports.

I have been working in/for my company for 2 years.

= I have worked in/for my company for 2 years.

Q : How many times have you flown?

A : I've flown over 20 times.

Q : When was the lat time you flew?

A : I flew last summer.

Q : How many times have you seen a baseball game at the stadium?

A : I've seen 5 baseball games.

I've moved ....

Q : Where was the last place you flew to?

A1 : My last flight was to ______.

A2 : The last place I flew to was _____.

Wrong A : My last flown was _____.

When I was in my 30s, I threw up many times.

Q : How many blind dates have you had?

A : I've had a blind date once.

= I've had only one blind date.

Q : How much coffee have you had today?

A : I didn't drink coffee today.

Q : How much studying have you done this month?

A : I've studied one hour a day this month.

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