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What's the weather like in Rome?

▶ Dialogue




 Hey, Sofia. This is Jay.


 Jay! I'm so glad you called. How are you doing in London?


 I'm doing great so far. I made a lot of friend here.


 That sounds great.


 Yea. But, the weather here is terrible.


 Why? How's the weather there?


 Well, It's rainy and windy all day long. What's the weather like in Rome?


 It's sunny here.


 Really? What's the temperature today?


 Today, it's 30˚C.


 Ah, lucky you! I want to go to Rome.


 Come and visit me anytime. The weather here is great!

▶ Language Focus

 < Weather >

 How's the weather today?

 What's the weather like in London?

 What kind of weather do you like?

 What's your favorite weather?

 It's clear/sunny/cloudy/foggy/rainy/snowy/windy/stormy.

 I like sunny days.

 My favorite weather is sunny weather.

 < Temperature >

 What's the temperature?

 It's 28˚C (twenty-eight degrees Celsius).

 It's 84˚F (eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit).

 It's -7˚C (seven degrees below zero / minus 7 degrees)

▶ Talk

< Example 1 >

A : What kind of weather do you like?

B : I like cloudy days.

A : What do you like to do on a cloudy day?

B : I like to go shopping on a cloudy day. What about you?

A : Well, my favorite days are sunny days. I like to go on picnics on sunny days.

< Example 2 >

A : How's the weather today?

B : It's sunny outside. You'd better wear a hat.

A : Oh, really? What's the temperature?

B : It's 23˚C.

< Example 3 >

A : Are you enjoying your world trip? Where are you now?

B : I'm in Beijing. What about you?

A : I'm in Cairo now. What's the weather like in Beijing?

B : It's snowy and -9˚C. How's the weather in Cairo?

A : It's sunny and 30˚C.

B : Hope you have a safe trip.

A : You too.

< Example 4 >

A : How are you doing in Paris?

B : I'm doing great here.

A : How's the weather today?

B : It's sunny today.

A : What's the temperature?

B : It's 25˚C

A : You'd better take your sunglasses with you.

▶ Vocabulary

hazy : 안개낀, 음산한 (misty, foggy)

breeze : 산들바람

breezy : 산들바람이 부는

muggy : 후텁지근한

scorching : 푹푹찌는

weather man : (남/여) 기상 캐스터

sun screen = sun block (sun cream은 잘못된 표현)

windbreaker : 바람막이

fickle : 변덕이 심함 (changeable)

fickly : 변덕스럽게

fresh : 상쾌한 (crispy)

fine dust : 미세먼지

yellow dust : 황사

0˚C : zero degree Celsius

1˚C : 1 degrees Celsius

-15˚C : minus 15 degrees Celsius, negative 15 degrees Celsius, 15 degrees below zero

disgusting : 더러운, 역겨운, 불쾌한

screwed up : 망치다 (messed up)

underage : 미성년자

adult : 성인

▶ Expression

What a nasty day. 짜증나는

What a sticky day. 끈적거리는 

What a pleasant day. 즐거운

What  a unpleasant day. 불쾌한

It's not a big deal! 별일없어

It's weird. 이상하다

Nerver mind. 신경쓰지마

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