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What's he like?

▶ Dialogue


 Pamela, are you seeing anyone at the moment?


 No, I'm still single. Why?


 Do you want me to set up a blind date for you with a friend of mine?


 Well, what's he like?


 He's outgoing. He likes to hang out with people. Also, he's a thoughtful person.

 He cares a lot about other people.


 He sounds like a nice person. 


 Yes, he is. so, do you want to have a blind date with him? 


 Hmm... does he have a sense of humor? I like people with a good sense of humor. 


 Fortunately, yes, he does. He was the clown of the class when we were in junior high. 


 Ok then. Why not? He sounds like a nice guy. 


 I hope you two get along well.


 I hope so, too.

▶ Language Focus

<Questions About Personality>

What is he like? 

He's outgoing / generous / humorous / adventurous / rude. 

What is her personality like?

She's an active person / a kind person / a greedy person. 

How would you describe your personality? 

 I would say I'm a friendly and funny person.

▶ Talk

<Example 1>

A : Is he Ian?

B : Yes, he is.

A : He seems generous.

B : You got him wrong.

A : Why? What's he really like?

B : Really he's greedy.

A : Wow! I didn't know that.

B : Yes, so the first impression isn't always right.

<Example 2>

A : Do you know Dustin?

B : Yes, I know him. Why?

A : What's his personality like?

B : Hmm... I would say he's an adventurous person.

A : Could you be more specific?

B : He likes to try new things and likes challenges.

<Example 3>

A : Excuse me, Jenna. How would you describe your personality?

B : I would say I'm a shy person.

A : Why do you describe yourself as a shy person?

B : Well, because I don't like to be around lots of people at the same time. What about you? How would you describe your personality?

A : I would say...

<Example 4>

A : What's Peter like?

B : I thought Peter was lazy person at first, but really he's a diligent person.

▶ Vocabulary

 extrovert (extravert, outgoing)

 introvert (ingoing)









< Personality >

hot-tempered : 성미가 급한

short-tempered : 다혈질의

even-tempered : 침착한

humility : 정중한 (polite)

humane : 인간적인

generous : 관대한

modest : 예의바른, 공손한 (humility, polite)

brave : 용감한

fearless : 두려움이 없는

diligent : 성실한

moody : 변덕스러운

arrogant : 오만한, 거만한

greedy : 탐욕스러운

naughty : 말썽꾸러기, 개구쟁이 (애들에게 많이 사용)

mean : 못된

lovable : 애교가 많은

girlish : 여성스러운

elegant : 우아한

feminine : 여성미가 넘치는 (↔ masculine : 남성스러운)

attractive : 매력적인 (charming)

whimsy : 엉뚱한

warm-blooded : 열정적인 (passionate)

cold-blooded : 냉철한

reliable : 신뢰있는

cheerful : 명랑한

patient : 인내심있는

sensible : 현명한, 합리적인

easy-going : 느긋한, 태평스러운

neat : 깔끔한 (organized)

quite : 조용한

clumsy : 미숙한, 서투른

jealous : 시기하는

possessive : 소유욕이 강한

touchy : 예민한, 다루기 어려운

absent-minded : 얼빠진, 멍한

hesitant : 망설이는, 우유부단한

ruthless : 무자비한

boastful : 잘난척하는 (showy)

clever : 영리한 (smart, brainy)

clown : 광대

get along : 어울리다, 사이좋게 지내다

blend : 섞다

humid : 습한

humidity : 습도

harshly : 거칠게

childish : 애같은 유치한

offended : 불쾌한

tidy : 정리하다, 깨끗한

obey : 복종하다

awkward : 어색한, 서투른, 난처한, 곤란한

▶ Expression

You're such a 3rd grade. (초딩같이) 유치해.

Q : How was my first impression?

A : I thought you were ______, but really you are ______.

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