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What kinds of movies do you like?

▶ Dialogue

Patrick: Do you like watching movies?

Samantha: Oh, I love watching movies.

Patrick: What kinds of movies do you like?

Samantha: I like horror movies. I especially like to watch them in dark rooms.

Patrick: I really don't understand why people watch horror movies.

Samantha: Then, what is your favorite kind of movie?

Patrick: I'm not really fond of movies, but action movies are OK.

Samantha: Oh, so you like action movies.

Patrick: Are there any kinds of movies that you don't like?

Samantha: Yeah, I hate sad movies. I don't like to cry watching movies. How about you? What kinds of movies don't you like?

Patrick: I don't like romantic comedies. They're to cliched.

▶ Language Focus

< Questions about likes and dislikes >

What kinds of sports do / don't you like?

What kinds of sports do / don't you like to play?

What kinds of sports do / don't you like playing?

I like tennis. / I don't like tennis.

I like to play tennis. / I don't like to play tennis.

I like playing tennis. / I don't like playing tennis. 

What's your favorite sport?

What's your favorite kind of sport? 

My favorite sport is tennis.

My favorite kind of sport is tennis. 

Who is your favorite tennis player?

Who is the tennis player that you like the most? 

Maria Sharapova is my favorite tennis player.

I like Maria Sharapova the most. 

Why do you like tennis?

What's your reason for liking tennis? 

It helps me to stay fit.

I like tennis because it helps me (to) stay fit. 

▶ Vocabulary

  • cliched : 뻔한, obvious
  • be fond of : ~를 좋아하는
  • sick of <= sick and tired of
  • scoot : 빨리가다, 달려가다, 질주하다
  • fit : 건강한

▶ Exression

  • I'm not picky about sports/food/...
  • The movie was a bomb!! 그 영화 최악이었어
  • The movie was worth seeing. 그 영화 볼만하더라.
  • (Could you) scoot over. 옆으로 가주시겠어요.

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